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Delta-8 THC Soft Gel Capsules

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Product Details of Delta 8 Gel Capsules


About Delta 8 Gel Capsules

Our delta 8 capsules appeal to experienced THC users. Many people who use delta-8 like to use tinctures, vapes and edibles. However, some simply like to get their serving over and done with! Thankfully, we have a quick fix. The delta 8 THC soft-gels pills are the fastest and most practical option available. Small things make a big impact. With these capsules, we offer you a discreet, sugar-free and fast way to consume delta 8 gel capsules. Each bottle comes with one month’s supply. You don’t need to worry about any scent, raising eyebrows or chewing. Simply take a capsule with water and prepare to relax.

Why Delta-8 SoftGel Capsules? 

Easy to swallow, each capsule contains pure delta 8 capsules 25mg distillate. Besides the gelatin capsule itself, our distillate is the only ingredient.

  • Contains 750mg of delta 8 THC per bottle (25mg per capsule)
  • Each bottle contains 30 delta 8 soft-gel capsules
  • Each batch is third party tested to ensure complete transparency and accuracy

Get all of the advantages of delta 8 gel capsules in one simple, premeasured form. Get an exact dosage each time, and incorporate the legal THC into your daily routine through the easiest way possible. 30 identical 25mg delta 8 softgel capsules are included in each container. With 750mg of delta 8 per container, you’re receiving a strong, potent product. Most users don’t need more than two capsules per serving. CandyCloud always recommend starting out at one capsule. Wait at least two hours before you take the next to see if you even need to!

Worry-Free Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can feel comfortable trying our products risk-free.

Lab Tested For Safety & Potency

Each product we carry is lab tested before made available for purchase to ensure potency and safety.

Benefits of Delta 8 Capsules 25mg

Precise Dosage

  • Accurate Measurement: Each capsule contains a consistent 25mg dosage, ensuring precise and easy consumption without the need for measuring.

Convenient Administration

  • Easy to Use: Capsules are straightforward and convenient, allowing for discreet ingestion anytime, anywhere, without the need for specialized equipment or preparation.
  • On-the-Go Support: Ideal for busy lifestyles, these capsules offer portability, enabling Delta 8 consumption without drawing attention.

Long-Lasting Effects

  • Extended Relief: The encapsulated form allows for gradual digestion, potentially providing sustained relief over a more extended period compared to other consumption methods.

Potential Therapeutic Effects

  • Calming and Relaxing: Delta 8 capsules 25mg reported calming effects may assist in stress reduction and promoting relaxation without overwhelming psychoactive sensations.
  • Pain Management: Some users report relief from mild to moderate pain after using Delta 8 capsules, potentially aiding in pain management.

Why Choose us for Delta 8 Gel Capsules

  • EASY RETURNS Purchase confidently with our hassle-free return policy. If unsatisfied, enjoy a seamless return process, ensuring a stress-free experience.
  • Overall Well-being & Daily Relaxation Our Delta 8 gel capsules promote holistic well-being, aiding in relaxation for a balanced lifestyle. Experience daily calmness and support for your wellness journey.
  • SECURE PAYMENT Shop securely with confidence. Your transactions are safeguarded, ensuring a protected and worry-free shopping experience.

750mg, 1500mg


Single, 2-Pack, 3-Pack


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