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    Delta 8 cartridges are vape cartridges containing pre-filled Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 is a less potent version of Delta 9 THC and is widely used for medicinal purposes, although its recreational use is also common. 

    The chemical compound comes from hemp and acts psychoactive, delivering a temporary high to its consumer.

    With multiple benefits of hemp being unveiled over time and its widespread legalization across the US, more and more people have started preferring Delta 8 cartridges over vape carts. 

    They’re easy to use and come in varying potencies so that you can choose the right one based on your tolerance. 

    Delta 8 is derived from hemp with multiple health benefits, making these carts much safer than standard nicotine vape carts. As long as you opt for natural cannabinoid vapes and use high-quality glass or ceramic cartridges, you’re good to go.


    When it comes to their working, delta 8 carts disposable work similarly to standard vape cartridges. The vaporizer heats the cart’s contents, delivering the Delta 8 to the user and releasing the usual smoke cloud. 

    Like most cartridges, the delta 8 carts disposable at CandyCloud require a 510-compatible battery to work, which is sold separately. The CandyCloud Delta 8 cartridges online have an easy attach and puff mechanism where you insert the cartridge into the vape pen and start smoking. These vape pens also have an indicator light to show when the vape is ready to use. 

    Some vape pens also have an adjustable heat option to increase or decrease the heat based on your preferred intensity. Our delta 8 vape carts will give the best results. 

    Delta 8 carts are faster than smoking a joint or consuming delta 8 carts disposable edibles since they deliver the cannabinoid directly to your lungs and bloodstream. This way, you can start with a few puffs, wait a few minutes to gauge the intensity of the high, and take more breaths as needed. 

    Why Choose Delta 8 Vape Carts Over Standard Nicotine Vape Carts?

    Vape carts contain varying concentrations of nicotine, which is known to be a health hazard. Nicotine can raise blood pressure and make platelets sticky, interfering with blood clotting. 

    On the contrary, Delta 8 carts at CandyCloud are much more natural and have multiple health benefits. They’re not as addictive as nicotine, so dependency is not a major concern either. 

    Delta 8 Cartridge online Ingredients

    CandyCloud’s Delta 8 THC carts can have different ingredients based on the quality of the cart and the manufacturing company. All of them, however, do contain an extract that has Delta 8 THC in it. The flavored coaches also have added artificial flavors, ranging from sweet, spicy, sour, and fruity.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t strict regulations within the delta 8 cartridges online market, so many companies use low-quality cartridges and non-FDA-approved chemicals to fill these carts. However, at CandyCloud, we only believe in using premium quality ingredients that deliver a premium experience to our customers. 

    Here’s why our carts are safe to use, especially when compared to other brands on the market:

    No Unsafe Preservatives or Carrier Oils

    A common ingredient used as a preservative is Vitamin E oil, which is FDA-approved and safe for oral and topical use. However, research states inhaling this oil can interfere with proper lung function.

    Some manufacturers also use carrier oils sourced from nut trees or other plants. If you’ve any nuts or specific plant allergies, it’s best to get more information about the carrier oil used in the cart before buying one. 

    Our Delta 8 carts are free from preservatives and carrier oils, making them safe.

    No Synthetic Cannabinoids

    Carts from different brands contain different types of Delta 8. While natural Delta 8 is mostly safe, synthetic cannabinoids are notorious for causing adverse reactions. In some serious cases, their usage has even led to hospitalizations. These synthetic materials are deemed hazardous and illegal, except for some FDA-approved drugs.

    CandyCloud only uses pure and natural Delta 8, derived directly from the hemp plant, in its cartridges. This means every puff delivers the cannabinoid in its purest form and maximizes its health benefits.

    Propylene Glycol (PG)

    A major chemical that should surely set off your sirens is propylene glycol. When heated, it can become a harmful gas and cause damage to your lungs upon inhalation. There is still insufficient evidence to confirm this finding, but at CandyCloud, we do not believe in risking our customers’ health in any capacity. 

    As a result, all our Delta 8 carts are free from this additive. We pay special attention to the quality and safety of our Delta 8 carts, ensuring they contain no harmful substances. Regular lab testing and quality control ensure that only the safest products reach the market. 


    CBD and Delta 8 are derived from the hemp plant and are considered cannabinoids. However, their effects on the body and their uses are quite different. 

    Delta 8 is a psychoactive substance that is primarily used for recreational purposes. Its inhalation gives you a euphoric high and can even cause serious hallucinations if you use too much.  

    All our Delta 8 carts have Delta 8 THC present within them. The concentration of the Delta 8 THC determines its potency, and the more potent the cart, the stronger the high upon its usage. 

    On the other hand, CBD is commonly known as hemp and is mostly used for medicinal purposes. It is not psychoactive and does not give you the standard Delta 8 high. CBD can greatly help control anxiety, stress, and pain-related disorders. 

    CBD is also great for insomniacs and can help them sleep. However, it’s best to consult your physician before taking any drug for medicinal purposes. If you wish to try out CBD instead, CandyCloud offers CBD oil and gummy options that you can check out.


    • Convenient Portability: Delta 8 carts disposables offer unparalleled convenience, fitting effortlessly into any lifestyle. Their compact, portable design allows discreet and easy usage, ideal for on-the-go consumption without the need for additional equipment.
    • Precise and Controlled Dosing: These cartridges provide a precise dose of Delta 8 THC with each use, ensuring controlled intake and predictable effects. Users can easily manage their consumption, allowing for a tailored experience based on individual preferences and needs.
    • Balanced Effects and Relaxation: Enjoy the milder, smoother psychotropic effects of Delta 8 THC. These disposables induce a sense of relaxation, potentially alleviating stress, promoting tranquility, and offering a more balanced high compared to Delta 9 THC, making them an attractive choice for various users.

    Why Choose Us for Delta 8 Cartridges

    • Competitive Prices: Our Delta 8 cartridges offer premium quality at competitive prices, ensuring affordability without compromising excellence. Experience the benefits of Delta 8 THC without breaking the bank.
    • 3rd Party Lab Testing: Trust in our commitment to transparency and quality. Our products undergo rigorous third-party lab testing, guaranteeing purity, potency, and safety in every cartridge.
    • USA Grown & GMP Manufactured: We source our Delta 8 from high-quality, domestically grown hemp, adhering to stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures a superior product, manufactured under strict quality standards for your peace of mind. Choose us for trusted, USA-made Delta 8 cartridges that prioritize quality and efficacy.
    Ethically Sourced

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    frequently asked questions.

    Yes, delta 8 carts are completely safe, however, make sure that the product you’re going to use has gone through a thorough drug test. Only products that have been checked by a third-party lab should be used.

    Moreover, these carts contain less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC, which is the limit recommended by the US government.

    On average, you can get about 300 puffs from a single gram of delta 8. This means that there are 300 hits in a 1-gram vape cartridge.

    A half-gram cart has 150 hits while a 2-gram cart has 300 hits on average. Use these carts responsibly as too much delta 8 is harmful as well. Also, make sure that you take the right potency. The effects of delta 8 depend a lot on how much potency you take.

    Delta 8 is a highly psychoactive compound and it definitely gets you high. When inhaled, the compound gets dissolved in your blood stream and acts on the nervous system of the body to give you a soothing relaxing high. This high can last from a few minutes to even a couple of hours depending on how much delta 8 you take.

    Delta 8 can also cause heavy hallucinations which is why it is important to keep its use in check.

    A delta 8 cartridge can last from a few days to even a week. This depends mainly on how often you vape. Excess of anything is bad so vape responsibly. On average, a vape cartridge should last at least 3 days if you take 100 hits per day. Delta 8 carts are available in various sizes, choose a size according to your use.

    Delta 8 vape cartridges are available in multiple potencies and sizes. The normal potency available in the market is 900 mg. This means that each 900 mg vape cartridge contains 900 milligrams of delta 8. There are larger as well as smaller carts available as well.

    In addition to the 900 mg ones, there are 1-gram cartridges, half-a-gram, and 2-gram large vape cartridges available as well. You can choose to buy any of these depending on your use.

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