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Can You Fly With Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a less potent form of Delta 9 and is legally sold in multiple states across the US. It’s quite easy to buy and consume Delta 8, but can you fly with Delta 8? The laws are a little more complex when flying with this product.

Whether using Delta 8 THC for medicinal purposes or simply to get your buzz while on vacation, it’s best to check state regulations regarding this marijuana derivative. The rules vary from state to state and airline to airline, so it’s best to research.

After detailed research into airline and state guidelines, we’ve finally rested the case of whether you can or cannot fly with Delta 8. So continue reading ahead to learn more, plus some helpful tips to avoid security hold-ups.

What is Delta 8?

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, or Delta 8 THC, is a psychoactive cannabinoid in various hemp and marijuana plants. It is an isomer of Delta-9, which is its more potent counterpart.

Although it is naturally present in plants, most of the Delta 8 used today is synthetically made in labs with cannabidiol (CBD) and has various other chemicals in it as well.

Delta 8 gives users a subtle euphoric high, similar to that after smoking marijuana; however, this one is mild. While some may use this for recreational purposes, Delta 8 is also widely used for medicinal purposes. It can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Are You Allowed to Fly With Delta 8?

Delta 8 is derived from marijuana, so the TSA considers it a controlled substance. Rules and regulations regarding the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana have been relaxed quite a bit in the past few years.

But still, there is a lot of variability regarding the possession and usage of the substance across state lines.

Important: In the US, most local airlines allow you to carry a certain quantity of Delta 8 on the airplane if you’re flying between two areas where Delta 8 is legal. Although, you still cannot use it during the flight.

Before you get onto a flight, check the legal status of Delta 8 in your local state and the state you’re flying to. If possession of this cannabinoid is illegal in either of the two places, you could face serious legal consequences.

Traveling with Delta 8 Within the US

In 2018, many states legalized the use of marijuana after the Agricultural Improvement Act (aka Farm Bill) was passed. This bill legalized using hemp products and cannabis derivatives that have less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

While many states accepted this new rule, others still rejected the bill. To put this into perspective, California has fully legalized the use of marijuana. However, its neighboring Arizona strictly prohibits its use and distribution.

Illegal Cannabis States in the U.S.

Here are a few states that have still not legalized the use and distribution of any marijuana products:

  • Colorado
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Delaware
  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island

So, if you’re traveling to or from any of these states, carrying any form of marijuana may result in serious legal consequences.

Individual airlines also have rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot carry on a plane. Even if the federal government has legalized a certain product, you must follow the airline’s rules if your airline prohibits carrying it on the plane.

Can You Take Delta 8 On International Flights?

The rules can be more complex if you carry Delta 8 on an international flight. In this situation, you must be aware of the laws regarding THC in your country of take-off and landing. If you’ve got any layovers, you must also be mindful of the rules in that country.

If any country throughout your journey does not permit carrying marijuana or hemp products, it’s best to leave them behind.

Some countries, such as the Netherlands, have fully legalized the use of marijuana products, whereas many countries throughout Europe and Asia still have a strict ban on them.

For medicinal cannabis users, carrying a doctor’s prescription is a must. You’ll likely have to complete significant paperwork to take the drugs on the flight, especially if you’re traveling to a country where cannabis is illegal.

What the TSA Has to Say About Flying With Delta 8?

The TSA’s job is to ensure a safe and secure flight for all its passengers, and to do this, they carry out rigorous screening of all the passengers and their belongings before they board the plane.

Anything that can be a safety hazard or not follow the area’s rules and regulations is prohibited on the flight.

The TSA doesn’t solely look for drugs, but if you are seen carrying any illegal substance, you could land yourself in serious legal trouble.

Initially, all kinds of marijuana and hemp products were strictly banned on the flight. Luckily, after the 2018 Farm Bill, TSA revised its rules regarding marijuana in 2019, and now only products that are less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or FDA-approved medicinal marijuana drugs are allowed.

However, even with the leniency in marijuana laws, if TSA agents come across cannabis products that don’t meet their guidelines, they are legally obligated to report them.

How To Store Different Forms of Delta 8?

Delta 8 and other marijuana products are available in various forms, such as gummies, vapes, and liquid tinctures. How you store the products greatly depends on what state you’re carrying them in.

Here are a few helpful storage tips to ensure your Delta 8 remains safe and undamaged throughout the flight.


These are probably the easiest to carry on a plane, and as long as the THC content is within range, they’re completely legal to carry. They’re almost solid, so any chances of leakage are out the window.

THC gummies usually come in proper packaging, so if you’re traveling with these, we’d recommend keeping them in their original packaging, as they also have the substance information on them.


Vapes are the latest form of marijuana consumption, but due to their widespread use, most airlines have similar rules regarding vapes. Luckily, the aviation rules are the same for vapes, whether they’re nicotine-based or cannabis-based.

Most airlines allow you to carry vapes as part of your carry-on luggage, provided you do not smoke them during the flight. It must be safely secured in your bag.

To avoid leakage onto your other items, I recommend covering the vape pen with tape, storing it in a vape case or container, and putting it with your belongings.

Liquid Tinctures

When it comes to carrying liquids on a plane, the rules are standard across the globe. Whether it’s a shampoo or a perfume or, in this case, cannabis oil, it must be stored in a 100ml or less container if you plan to keep it in your carry-on luggage.

While you can store other liquids in bigger bottles inside your baggage, with cannabis oil, keeping it in your carry-on is the only option. So ensure your bottle is under 100ml, or the TSA will confiscate it.

We also recommend carrying liquids in a plastic zip-lock bag that is leakproof. You don’t want leaked oil stains on your clothes because those aren’t easy to remove.

Traveling With Delta-8? Tips from Experience

Here are some tips to travel with Delta-8 from my experience.

1. Keep The Original Packaging

Keeping the Delta 8 in its original, sealed packaging is important to avoid any hold-ups at the TSA.

This is necessary since the packaging displays product information to prove that the Delta 8 you’re carrying is legal.

2. Keep Proper Containers

While keeping the products in their original packaging is preferred, some airlines may have particular guidelines for packaging Delta 8. Put tapes on your vapes and liquids to avoid unnecessary leakage.

It’s recommended to also keep extra oils and liquids in sealed and leakproof plastic bags. Not only will this abide by airline regulations, but you’ll also save your clothes and belongings from getting ruined.

Pro Tip: Avoid flashy containers because it’s best not to draw unwanted attention to them while traveling.

3. Carry The CoA

The Certificate of Analysis (CoA) lists all the substances inside your Delta product. The safest way to get through TSA without any hassle is to simply show them the CoA for your product.

4. Put it in Your Carry-On

Normally, when traveling by air, it’s best to keep your valuables in your carry-on luggage to avoid any risk of loss. Plus, if you have to show your belongings to airport security at any point, accessing them from your carry-on is much easier.

5. Save That Doctor’s Prescription

If you use marijuana or hemp products for medicinal purposes, it’s important to ensure that you carry a valid doctor’s prescription for the prescribed drugs. This way, even if your medicine contains greater than 0.3% THC, you’ll likely get away with it.

Final Thoughts

Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, many airlines have legalized carrying Delta 8, provided it’s under 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

Before traveling, simply check state and country guidelines regarding cannabis consumption and possession. These vary across states and countries and even across different airlines.

If you carry Delta 8 THC, keep it in its original packaging and properly seal it to avoid any leakage and damage to your belongings. Happy flying! 

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